Arcade Game: Donkey Kong (1981 Nintendo)

Arcade Game: Donkey Kong (1981 Nintendo)

n absolutely legendary arcade game in which the player takes on the role of Mario – who makes his debut in this game, and would go on to become a gaming legend – and must battle his way to the top of each level to rescue his beloved Pauline; who has been kidnapped by the evil giant ape, Donkey Kong

Level 1: 2 loops of play (25 m to 50 m)
Level 2: 3 loops of play (25m to 75 m)
Level 3: 4 loops of play (25m to 100 m)
Level 4: 5 loops of play (25 m to 125 m)
Level 5: 6 loops of play (25 m to 150 m)
Level 6 and after: repeats level 5 endlessly so I eventually killed myseff afterwards.

No cheats were used. This time only save states were used.

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