Best PSVR Games | Our favourite PS4 VR experiences

Best PSVR Games | Our favourite PS4 VR experiences

This video has been updated for 2019:

New to Sony’s PSVR virtual reality rig? Here’s our review of the best Playstation VR games you can play as we enter 2019, including horror, racing, adventure and family-friendly titles – some need the Move controllers and others work fine with just Dual Shock.

Right now there are loads of great PSVR gaming experiences available to buy through Sony’s online PS4 store. Our favourite is Astro Bot, a cute and immersive platformer that shows just how compelling virtual reality can be in 2019. Astro Bot is similar to Moss in many ways, another one of the best PSVR titles available right now, although Moss boasts some breathtaking atmosphere while Astro Bot is more cartoony and fun. Both play with the Dual Shock controller.

Racing fans are well catered for by the PS4 VR, with the likes of Wipeout Omega topping our list of favourites. If you’re after something more tactical, Firewall Zero Hour is the best multiplayer games on Sony’s virtual reality console now.

And of course horror is one of the best genres on the PSVR, to put you face-first into the terror. We recommend The Exorcist Legion VR and also Resident Evil 7, two of the most terrifying virtual reality games of 2018/2019.

Got your own favourite experiences on the PSVR? Let us know in the comments below!

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