Download Microsoft Freelancer in 2020 in 1 minute (+ Discovery Mod)

Download Microsoft Freelancer in 2020 in 1 minute (+ Discovery Mod)

How to download Freelancer @ 1:00 to 1:20
How to download Discovery mod @ 1:20 to 2:00

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The web page with download links shown in this video is here:

1) First, download and install Microsoft Freelancer (it’s an ISO file so Windows 10 users can open this natively. Pre Windows 10 users will need 3rd party software. I recommend WinRAR).

2) If you’re a Windows 10 user you’ll need to activate 2 Window 10 features as shown in the video before installing Discovery mod.

3) Third, get the Discovery mod as shown in the video so you can play online in a busy universe with other people. It’s a fantastic mod.

Discovery Official Discord –

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When playing on the Discovery mod server, be sure to read the rules before you play. It is a ROLE PLAYING server. Act and communicate like the pilot you are role playing to be.

Complete rules list –

Good luck out there!

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Need more help?

Visit the Discovery Mod forums to get any help and to be involved in the active online community which has over 25,000 members –

Any questions about installing Freelancer in general, getting widescreen set up or downloading Discovery mod, ask on the discovery mod forums. The community members there will be happy to help you even if you don’t want to play the mod but instead just the normal game.

Post in the Discovery mod forums “Help & Support” section –

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