E3 Predictions: Microsoft, Sony, Nintendo, EA & More – What's Good Games Videocast (Ep. 4)

E3 Predictions: Microsoft, Sony, Nintendo, EA & More – What's Good Games Videocast (Ep. 4)

Show starts around the 1 min mark. (Edit is coming to the video!)

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4:27 – SEGMENT 1: XBOX E3 Predictions
4:52 – Scorpio Dev Kit specs released
15:18 – What about Crackdown?
16:30 – MIXER
21:45 – HoloLens
25:00 – Scalebound dead forever?
25:22 – Third party partnership coming?

31:22 – SEGMENT 2: PlayStation E3 Predictions
33:04 – Detroit: Become Human
34:11 – Dad of War
39:12 – Sucker Punch appearance?
41:15 – Spider-Man
45:05 – Death Stranding (Spoilers: Kojima announced it isn’t at E3)
46:45 – Days Gone
50:37 – Horizon Zero Dawn DLC?
53:20 – Final Fantasy IX Remaster? Please?

55:56 – SEGMENT 3: Nintendo Predictions
57:38 – Super Mario Odyssey
1:00:32 – Mario x Rabbids
1:03:35 – Pokemon Snap Switch??
1:07:47 – Switch esports
1:09:44 – Animal Crossing Switch
1:11:26 – Is Metroid coming back?

1:19:56 – SEGMENT 4: Best of the Rest
1:21:20 – Jaal aka Bioware Stuff
1:25:34 – Amy Hennig’s Star Wars
1:28:45 – Bethesda
1:29:00 – Elder Scrolls MIA
1:30:50 – The Evil Within 2
1:35:34 – Next mobile title?
1:37:52 – Ubisoft unannounced title
1:41:13 – South Park
1:47:36 – What is FromSoftware doing?

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