My Top 10 PC Games of all Time

My Top 10 PC Games of all Time

These are my top 10 PC games of all time! Please Rate and Comment.
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oh yeah Tyrian was another runner up, forgot to add that. check it out

These are my top 10 PC games of all time. These arn’t necessarily the best games ever, some old, some new, but quite a few of these games may possibly be some of the best games ever created.

I will start with the runners up,

Stronghold Crusader, Good RTS overall had years of fun with this game and still do.

chromeadrome 2, a bit like audio surf.. it came out before it and I find it more fun.. it can be rather challenging at times, but hey that can be fun!

Delta Force: black hawk down.. a good game, not the best engine, but quite a few people still play this game, it was fun though, loads of memories.

Counter Strike:Source, Fun game, decent graphics, decent engine, had loads of fun in this game, very competitive, but just not in my top 10 favorites.

Team Fortress 2, awesome game! stat system was fun, not as competitive as counter strike: source, but hey.. the range of classes and weapons make it a pretty awesome game. I’d go out right now and buy this game if you don’t have it already.

Doom 3. Horror, Blood, Gore, Sex, Rock and Roll. not all these things are in the game, but it still makes it a very fun and scary single player game. you Jump out of your seat so much! you just wanna get the level over with so you can end the fear. I wouldn’t say this game got the respect it deserved, I mean common its horror and you control it, can’t get much better then that.

Tyrian, an awesome spaceground shooter game! I had so much fun with this game, you should really consider checking it out.

Heroes 3: another great game, was awesome when people came over and played it.

F.E.A.R 2 An awesome action packed scary game. amazing graphics, great single player. awesome.

Crysis: well made, feels nice, polished, satisfying, and brutal.

If you’re wondering what the song is, it’s “warp brothers – we will survive”

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