Smart Things for Nvidia Shield TV Review

Smart Things for Nvidia Shield TV Review

Today AJ review the SmartThings Hub for the Nvidia Shield TV.

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FAQs – for anyone whose bright enough to read the description before commenting….

– How old are you? 29

– Where do you live? Los Angeles, California, however, I’m from Boston, Mass.

– How did you afford your camera equipment? I work a full time job and saved as much as I could to make this channel a reality.

– What breed of cat is Shakespeare and what breed of dog is Aria? Shakespeare is a blonde tabby and Aria is a Toy American Eskimo.

– What do your tattoos mean? I’ll make a video explaining this if I get enough requests.

– How do you make money? I work full-time in the IT/Computer Engineering field. I’d love to eventually earn enough on this channel to quit my full-time job and make videos here and acting as well.

– What editing program do you use? Windows Movie Maker (yes, still) and iMove on a 2015 MacbookPro.

– Did you go to university? Yes, but not for filmmaking I majored in Film Acting and English Composition.

– How many camera do you currently own? Two DSLR’s and two Point and Shoots.

– How long do your vlogs take to edit? – This varies, sometimes as little as 1 hour and other times 4+ hours.

Still got questions? Feel free and ask and I’ll answer them in an upcoming Q&A

P.s. I love my subscribers 🙂 xx

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