Super Smash Bros VS PlayStation All-Stars (Nintendo VS Sony) | CARTOON FIGHT CLUB

Super Smash Bros VS PlayStation All-Stars (Nintendo VS Sony) | CARTOON FIGHT CLUB

Sonic, Mario, Kirby and more Super Smash bros VS Playstation All-Stars like Kratos, Sack Boy, Sly Cooper and More! CFC!
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Little G Fresh:
Cartoon Fight Night:

Cartoon Fight Club Season 3 is here! I hope you enjoy the new format. Characters for each team:

Super Smash Bros: Mario, Soinc, Wario, Bowser, Kirby, Samus, Mega Man, Pac-Man, Star Fox, Pikachu, Ryu, Master Hand, Link, Jiggly Puff

Playstation All-Stars: Kratos, Dante, Jak, Toro, Sly Cooper, Raiden, PaRappa The Rapper, Cole MacGrath, Ratchet, Clank, Heihachi Mishima, Sweet Tooth, Sack Boy, Polygon Man

(The text on the Power Level Graph is blurry, but it reads: This graph is not relative to other characters, nor is it relative to cannon units. It is only displayed for visual entertainment.)

Special Thanks to:
Co-Host: Little G Fresh
Chess Scene: AnimationRewind
Kirby vs Kratos: Maniac Mizuto (XVX):
Link vs Dante: Kayas (XVX):
Jak vs Samus: Smackaderp:
Heihachi vs Ryu: Armondew 9000!:
Smash vs PLA 4 on 4: Gabriel Mouzo:
Pikachu vs PaRappa 1: Andx125:
Jiggly Puff vs Toro: Omega7321:
Star Fox vs Sly Cooper: Ozo Animations
Wario vs Sweet Tooth Bike Scene: AnimationRewind
Pikachu vs PaRappa 2: Vegito1089:
Sonic vs Raiden: NatsuME007:
Wario/Sweet vs Bowser/Sackboy: AnimationRewind
Master Hand vs Polygon Man: Drup The Hedgehog:
Winner Tamplate/S3 Intro: Drup The Hedgehog:
Sweet Tooth Sprite Rip: Varia31

CFC G+ Group:
AnimationRewind G+:


Cartoon Fight Club Playlist with the Previous episodes:

Space BGs:

Bendy Sprite art by Galactic-Stars1:

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