The Launch of the Sony PlayStation (1995)

The Launch of the Sony PlayStation (1995)

Episode 26 – This week on the show, it’s the second installment in the launch video series, the launch of the original Sony PlayStation! On September 9, 1995, one of the greatest video game consoles, the PS1 got it’s start on North American shores. We take a look at the history of the PSX, and the 10 games that launched with it: Battle Arena Toshinden, ESPN Extreme Games, Kileak: The DNA Imperative, NBA Jam Tournament Edition, Power Serve Tennis, The Raiden Project, Ridge Racer, Rayman, Street Fighter: The Movie, and Total Eclipse Turbo.






All box art featured in CGQ videos comes from The Cover Project, fount at Check them out for all of your video game insert needs.

Music courtesy of Kevin MacLeod (­ncompetech)

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