Upcoming Nintendo Games & Zelda Ideas – Curiosity Shop #161 Mailbag

Upcoming Nintendo Games & Zelda Ideas – Curiosity Shop #161 Mailbag

Questions & Timestamps:

(01:00) – What are your thoughts on the latest Nintendo Direct?
(02:33) – What would the move set for Skull Kid be if he were to get into Smash?
(03:53) – Nintendo and Xbox have a working relationship as of late. Do you think we’ll see Xbox properties on Switch at some point?
(05:00) – What are the odds of Waluigi being in Luigi’s Mansion 3?
(05:31) – Do you think it’s possible that Metroid Prime 4 could be like a sort of pseudo reboot of the Prime series in a way similar to how Breath of the Wild felt like a Zelda reboot but not really? Also, speaking of BotW, should Prime 4 be open world?
(07:06) – If Nintendo let you create your own species/race in the next Zelda, what would it be?
(08:05) – If you could make a zelda spin-off series what would the premise and genre be and who would the main character(s) be?
(08:57) – Do you want to see a more human villain for the series? By that I mean an enemy who is 100% human, no monster superstrength, no flying, probably not even any magic, a human being who just so happens to be a fighter just as skilled if not better than Link?
(10:17) – What game do you respect most as a writer?

Send your questions to…
The comments!
Discord – https://discord.gg/b9Qy86m
(Be sure to say they’re for the mailbag!)

Can you guess the quote on the paper or any of the music? How about your thoughts about the questions? What’d you think of the latest Nintendo Direct? What Zelda race would you create, or what would your Zelda spinoff genre and characters be? And what game’s storytelling do you respect the most? Tell me in the comments!

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