Xbox Live Update – August 26th 2013 – No More Microsoft Points!?

Xbox Live Update – August 26th 2013 – No More Microsoft Points!?

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Well… we got our Xbox Live update.
As of August 26th of 2013, we will no longer have Microsoft Points as our currency, it is now converted into local currency of where-ever you happen to live in.

Here is the link to the article if you want to read more about the update changes involving Microsoft Points:

And for the other changes, we have a new color scheme matching the Xbox One color scheme of Green and Gray.

There is a better performance on the Xbox 360 Dashboard which I really never paid attention to and then of course the Xbox Live Registration beta is open to the public which I never even heard of until now so I don’t care.

But yea, it’s there.

Enjoy the Microsoft Points cards while they last, hopefully they will still have them around so we won’t have to put our private information onto Xbox Live…

If so I will be more than happy to continue purchasing Microsoft Point cards.

If anything else, PayPal would be a safe way to go afterwards if all points are gone.

What do you guys think about the update?

Enjoy, have a nice day and cya in the next video. =)


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